Hi, i’m a 3d modeler from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Back in 2002, right after receiving my BA in graphic design, I started working in the advertisement industry, providing renders and models for commercials, prints, video clips… all sort of medias.

4 years ago i started working with games and i’ve been doing next gen stuff as a remote freelancer for Liquid Development.

In 2008 I was hired as a Senior Character Artist for Digital Extremes and I’ve been living in Canada since then.

You can find me at fptorres@gmail.com

I’ve made characters, props, weapons and a lot of other things for about 22 projects, including:

Bioshock 2 – 2K (Characters)
Darkness 2 – 2K (Characters, Props)
Star Trek – Paramount Digital (Characters)
The Golden Compass – Shiny Entertainment (Characters)
Hellgate London – Flagship Studios (Characters, Props)
Condemned 2 (Bloodshot) – Monolith (Props)
The Elder Scrolls IV – Bethesda (Statues)
Fable 2 – Lionhead (Characters)
Fallout 3 – Bethesda (Characters)
Alien – Colonial Marines – Gearbox Software (Characters)
Damnation – Blue Omega (Characters)
Rockband – Harmonix Studios (Characters)
Freaky Creatures – Abandon Mobile (Characters)


  • High Poly Modeling (Zbrush, Mudbox)
  • Low Poly Modeling (XSI for mainbase and hard surfaces, Topogun for retopology)
  • UV Mapping (Headus UV Layout and XSI)
  • Normal/AO/displacement maps rendering (3DS Max, XSI, Xnormal)
  • Texturing (Photoshop)