Ford – Defend the Dome


Industry: Advertising
Company: Artistic iMage
Client: Ford/Atlanta Falcons
Art Direction: Edward Dye
When: July 2008

I was contacted by Artistic iMage to recreate my Hulk as John Abraham, from the Atlanta Falcons, for a Ford campaign.
The model was used to produce a miniature that will be distributed in the initial game (10.000 copies!!!).
A cinematic version for a web animation had to be produced as well and because I had less than a week for the whole thing, I called a friend of mine to help with the baking/texturing.
The video can be seen ONCE at (but you can always delete your cookies and see it again, hehe)

Note that the only thing that came from the original Hulk was the feet and arms, everything else was remodeled and, because I needed a neutral model for animation, the statue was reposed.

High/low/uv by me
AO/normals/displace/textures by Hugo Beyer
Animation by Artistic iMage

Sorry for the bad pictures of the statue. They were taken in a rush using an iPhone (c’mon Jobs, give us a better camera! :P)