The Golden Compass


Industry: Video Game
Company: Liquid Development
Client: Shiny Entertainment
Art Direction: Dan Hecht
When: November 2006 to April 2007

Some of the many characters i modeled for this game.
Most of them based on real actors.

High/low/normals/AO by me.
All textures by Den Fox if not mentioned otherwise.

Mrs. Coulter (London):

When this model was being textured, we received a lot better references from the studio, so Joel did some tweaks in the final head.

Textures and head fixes by Joel Moran.

mrs_coulter_london_low_thumb mrs_coulter_london_final_thumb

Mrs. Coulter (Bolvangar):
Clothes variation.

mrs_coulter_bolvangar_low_thumb mrs_coulter_bolvangar_final_thumb

Serafina Pekala:

serafina_low_thumb serafina_final_thumb

John Faa:

john_faa_low_thumb john_faa_final_thumb

Farder Coram:

farder_coram_low_thumb farder_coram_final_thumb


prisoner_high_thumb2.jpg prisoner_low_thumb prisoner_final_thumb

Some more (there are others, but this post is taking too long, heh)
Hunter Boss textures by Scott Wetterschneider.
All other textured by Den Fox.

hunter_boss_thumb billy_costa_thumb hunt_thumb

spear_caster_thumb maid_thumb coulter_north_thumb