3D sculptor

Hey there. Just want to tell you guys that I’m still alive and kicking. I joined the amazing team at Digital Extremes as a Senior Character Artist and I’ve been living in Canada since November. I’m still organizing my new life so time is very…




I was organizing my portfolio folder yesterday and found a lot of old paintings from 2001/2003. At that time I was only working as a designer and freelance colorist, while started learning about 3D. Despite the fact that I can’t really draw a thing, I…




Industry: Advertising Company: Artistic iMage Client: Ford/Atlanta Falcons Art Direction: Edward Dye When: July 2008 I was contacted by Artistic iMage to recreate my Hulk as John Abraham, from the Atlanta Falcons, for a Ford campaign. The model was used to produce a miniature that will be distributed in…

Ford – Defend the Dome



Just a doodle i made yesterday. I thought that an “alien” with a “goofy” face would be cool, but this is more to an “acid-melted-mutant-bunny-from-space” than anything. Oh, well… For those interested, I’m still alive! LOL. I’ve been visiting my relatives. Will be back online…

Head Doodle



Industry: Advertising Company: Roots FX Client: Amil When: April 2008 A cinematic Centaur for a TV spot celebrating 30 years of a health care company. As it barely appears in the video, I made this render by myself. Doesn’t look like the final version thou,…

Amil – Centaur



Trying to add more “miniatures” to my portfolio in order to get into toy business and digital maquettes. Whole work took about 2 months using my free time. Base meshes in XSI. Retopology done in topogun. Posing in zbrush using zsphere rigging. Total number of…

Hulk collectible



3D Creative Magazine did an amazing interview with my colleague Den Fox about his Estonian outsourcing studio: Fox3D. Some of my work can be seen there.

Fox3D – Interview

Trailer of the upcoming game Freaky Creatures by Abandon Interactive Entertainment. I modeled 5 characters for them and some can be seen in this video: the cyclope (0:11), the green girl (0:20), and the dinossaur (0:42). More info and screenshots of the models when the…

Freaky Creatures

Industry: Video Game Company: Liquid Development Client: Monolith Art Direction: Tony Clark When: May/July 2007 Some props i did for this game. High/low/normals/AO by me. Textures by Den Fox and Tony Clark (moose)

Condemned 2: Bloodshot



I finally finished a personal model that i think is worth showing to the world. Hope it’s the first of many :) I also recorded a video showcasing some of the process in making the fur.

Gorilla Bust



The latest issue of Game Informer brings a Xenomorph i modeled on it’s cover. Inside the magazine you can see other images of the game with characters of mine, such as the facehugger and the marines. No, i can’t show screenshots of the models, sorry…

Aliens: Colonial Marines



Industry: Video Game Company: Liquid Development Client: To be announced Art Direction: Dan Hecht When: June to July 2006 An (very) old project that never saw the light of day. :| Note: these characters were publically displayed on Liquid’s 2007 portfolio. High/low/normals/AO by me. Textures…




Industry: Video Game Company: Liquid Development Client: Shiny Entertainment Art Direction: Dan Hecht When: November 2006 to April 2007 Some of the many characters i modeled for this game. Most of them based on real actors. High/low/normals/AO by me. All textures by Den Fox if…

The Golden Compass